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The "Dead Man's Cake" blogs, issue #8

It's time to wrap up this blog series.  My CD Dead Man's Cake was released in early 2012, and it's now nearly 2 years later.  It may seem like I haven't done much with the record but I'm still working on a live act, a kind of "one man band with a laptop" thing where I can render the tunes properly in a live environment.

I think it's a good record and I'd be grateful if you'd buy it; either the physical CD, which is a lovely object, or find it on iTunes, Spotify, etc.  It's essentially a creative work written to deal with a traumatic event, an attempt to create beauty from pain, as I've discussed previously.

Part of the proceeds go to mental health charities including the UK charity Sane.

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This post is about Tracks 5 - 11 of Dead Man's Cake.

"Don't Dwell On It David", track 5, refers to something my Dad used to say, after my Mom committed suicide.  I…